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mombasa shore excursions Mombasa Excursions & Reviews: Discover and book your next Mombasa shore excursion on any cruise line. All our adventures below are designed and led by our friendly and experienced guides to ensure an unforgettable day with us. Choose one or several of our tours to really get the flavor of Mombasa and its stunning natural environments.

Tsavo East National Park – Starting and returning to Mombasa or other coastal resorts, you’ll safari out to Kenya’s largest park to view a wonderful display of wildlife, including the famous Tsavo lions. This exciting dawn to dusk adventure will offer beautiful sunrise vistas as well as 6 full hours of active safari viewing. Besides lions, you’ll be looking out for elephant, cheetah, buffalo, antelope, warthog and more!

Wasini Dhow and Dolphin Excursion – You’ll head out to the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park for a full day of swimming, snorkeling, sailing, bird watching… and of course dolphin viewing. Sailing on a traditional dhow with its distinctive slanting triangular sails – you’ll sit close to the waterline, taking in the playful sea creatures as they swim alongside, entertaining your group. This very full nautical tour features an appropriate seafood lunch.

Shimba Hills National Reserve – A trip to Shimba Hills is unexpectedly unique – this is a coastal rainforest complete with mists, sea breezes and waterfalls. In this cool climate you’ll view elephants and sable antelope along with monkeys, giraffe and several kinds of big cats. The reserve is convenient to Mombasa and adjoining coastal resorts.

Mombasa City Tour – This half-day tour will immerse you in the international history and flavors of this culturally rich city. With its Arabic, Portuguese and Swahili cultures, Mombasa offers busy markets, ethnic neighborhoods and a distinctive heritage to explore. Don’t forget to take in the ancient structure of Fort Jesus with its incredible history.

Tamarind Dinner Dhow – Sail and dine on this romantic and very special evening cruise. Against a colorful sunset, your traditional dhow gently cruises the calm shore as soft music accompanies cocktails and your gourmet dinner. Tamarind is one of the finest restaurants in the area and their renowned cuisine will complete a perfect evening.

Enjoy any or all of these easy getaways, or book one of our famous safari adventures through several of Kenya’s outstanding parks.

Excursions Mombasa

mombasa shore excursions


Whilst staying in the coastal Island of Mombasa, there are various excursions available:

Mombasa Shore Excursions
Mombasa short excursion, Mombasa ½ Day City Tour
Mombasa short excursion, Mombasa ½ Day City Tours


Mombasa town tour
The colourful island town of Mombasa with its blend of ancient and modern buildings on the Indian Ocean is Kenya’s principal port and the country’s second largest city. A comprehensive tour of the island include the old Arab town, with it’s maze of narrow twisting alleys displaying the beautifully curved doors and verandahs, bazaars with curio and antique shops, the Dhow harbour still in use, a Hindu temple, a visit to the Akamba wood carvers and a drive to the bazaar for a short shopping expedition. The high light of the tour is probably the visit to Fort Jesus. Built in 1593 by the Portuguese to guard the entrance to the old Dhow harbour, it is the island’s Landmark. Four hundred years old, the port still stands and serves as a historical museum.

Tour Cost: US$ 60 Per Person

Coastal Cultural Tour (Bush Tour)
The coastal countryside and its people offer a different perspective to Kenya’s tribal heritage. The tour provides a glimpse into the traditions and cultures of the coastal people with a visit to a Giriama or Digo Village with our local guide. Continue to Kaloleni to visit the local market and thereafter drive to Kenya Marine land on the North coast, which offers an opportunity to observe numerous species of tropical marine life in giant aquariums. A snake park, situated nearby is also visited and you can watch carvers at work producing the famous “Makonde” pieces of art.

Tour price: US$ 85 Per Person

Shimba Hills Tour/Mwaluganje elephant Sanctuary (MES)
The Shimba Hills are a short drive from Mombasa. South of the island, they are reached via the Likoni Ferry and are over a thousand feet high which offers one a view of both the Indian Ocean and the African bush. A visit to the MES is highly recommended and is located about 30 minutes from the glistening beaches of south coast. At MES you will experience a unique safari in a spectacular landscape. Elephants here never forget. Like them, you’ll always remember Mwaluganje. MES’s 60,000 acres feature dramatic cliffs and forested hills as well as bush land with baobabs – all striking for the wildlife. Apart from the elephant, you might see warthog, impala, bushbuck, sable, Cape buffalo and leopard.

Safari price: US$ 125 Per Person

Malindi and Gedi Tour
Depart from your coastal hotel and drive north to Kilifi through attractive country covered by extensive sisal plantations dotted with huge baobab trees. Cross the scenic creek and continue onto the ancient city of Gedi-a 13th century ruin in the heart of a dense forest. Thereafter proceed onto the coastal town of Malindi for lunch and an exploration of the marine park in a glass-bottomed boat where an experienced guide takes you on goggling and snorkelling. Later, visit a nearby village and watch the Giriama tribe perform exciting tribal dances before driving back to Mombasa by sundown.

Tour Cost: US$ 140 Per Person

Full Day – City Tour and Nature Tour.
A comprehensive morning tour of the island including a visit to Fort Jesus is followed by lunch at Mamba Village. Mamba is the Swahili name for crocodile and this “village” is really a crocodile farm. Depart after lunch for the Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail. The wasteland of the stone quarry has been reclaimed and amongst the casuarinas trees and other tropical flora reside a variety of wildlife and birds, Eland and Buffalo, Crocodiles and other reptiles can be seen wandering with crowned cranes. The commercially viable aquaculture complex is also visited.

Tour Cost: US$ 120 Per Person

Tamarind Dhow Safari
At 12.00pm or 6.30 pm departure from the Tamarind jetty for the lunch cruise or evening cruise respectively. After a welcome cocktail the Tamarind Dhow Nawalicker (meaning Gateway to Heaven) cruises past the Old Town and Fort Jesus. Fantastic sea food meals prepared by the world famous Tamarind Restaurant are enjoyed while a local band plays music to suite all tastes. A tri-lingual guide, fully stocked bar and friendly service all add to the unforgettable atmosphere. 2.45 pm or 10.30 pm return to the jetty and thereafter your hotel.

Tour Cost: US$ 90 Per Person

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Coastal Beaches of Mombasa:
The coastal city of Mombasa is one of Africa's major tourist destinations, with some of the best beaches in the world. Located on Kenya's Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people.

Mombasa's history dates back to the 16th century, and it has been ruled by the Portuguese, Arabs and British-which have all influenced the town's culture and the attractions that still exist including historical ruins such as Fort Jesus and the Old Town.

Mombasa's beaches offer a host of activities for kids and adults alike such as deep-sea fishing and water sports. Tours of the town, safaris in game parks, and camping can all be planned through travel agencies within the city. Hotels also incorporate these activities as part of their entertainment, with the aim of making the trip to Mombasa the ultimate holiday experience!

Complementing its diverse culture, Mombasa's restaurants offer an array of tastes sprinkled across the town. Delicacies include freshly-caught seafood-made to order on a dhow while you watch the sunset and hear the live band playing your favourite Abba song. Nightlife in Mombasa is always exciting, and the clubs and casinos can keep you going all night long.

So when you next think of taking a vacation, doing some travelling, or simply having to enjoy yourself, think about Mombasa and all that it has to offer-we promise you'll have the time of your life!

Kenya Coast:
Kenya's coast stretches some 480 kilome­tres (300 miles) from Tanzania in the south to Somalia in the north broken at intervals by ancient river mouths, now tidal creeks, and the deltas of Kenya's two biggest rivers, the Sabaki and the Tana.

Lush contrast to the deserts, plateaux and mountains up-country, it is a world re­moved from the primordial wildlife which roam the diminishing wi l dernesses inland. After hours of nonstop driving, tiredness vanishes at the sight of the makuti (palm-thatch) roof of your hotel and the caress of an Indian Ocean breeze. More than half of Kenya's 100 international class hotels, five listed in the register of the world's 300 greatest hotels, are beach hotels.

As luminous, tropical night descends, fireflies perform their incandescent dance among the bougainvillea and succulents, and a pale moon strides across the lagoon.

The air is sweet with frangipani which seems to bloom even in the si l ver glimmer Of night. Early morning, while it is still dark, the calls of the muezzins echo from the minarets as they did centuries ago when the first Arab traders came to seek profit, and stayed to settle. They gave birth to a new culture, Swahili, and a new lingua franca, Kiswahili.

For much of its length from Vanga in the south, 230 kilometres (150 miles) to Malindi in the north, the shore is protected by a fascinating coral reef. Inside its protective arms, in sh e ltered lagoons, grow magical marine plants and vividly coloured fish and marine creatures. National marine parks off Watamu, Malindi, Mombasa, and Shimoni, now protect these reefs and the waters they embrace.

Mombasa is a place steeped in history, yet at the same time fascinating commercial and cosmopolitan port town.

Mombasa is an island connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries. The town over looks a wide harbor, where commercial shipping mingles with traditional sailing dhows.

The true heart of Mombasa is found in the exotic old town, among the narrow winding streets and Arab architecture. The air here is always heavy with the scent of spices. Women wearing the traditional bui bui fill the narrow streets and busy markets. At the dhow docks fresh fish and goods from all along the coast arrive daily. The streets are alive with the bright colours of the traditional coastal khanga and kikoy, the all purpose wrap around cloth worn by both men and women.

At the waters edge is Fort Jesus, an imposing fort that stands watch over the harbor. The high gun turrets, battlements and underground passages of this 16th Century Fort were the centre of a historic struggle for control of the Kenya coast between the Portuguese army and the Shirazi Arabs. This war was waged around Mombasa over hundreds of years and countless battles, and the Fort stands as a testament to this tumultuous past.

Modern Mombasa is a city of great diversity and life. This is a town were all are welcomed and quickly absorbed into this great coastal melting pot. Mosques, Hindu Temples and Christian churches surround streets that thrive with a world of cultures.

Mombasa is a place where both history and progress are greatly valued, where a busy harbor existence is lived at its own unique, tropical pace.


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